Our heritage

The Grosvenor family ancestry can be traced back almost 1,000 years to the time of William the Conqueror.

In the 600 years that followed, the family grew its landholdings, finances and status, establishing a home in Eaton, Cheshire, in the early 1440s; investing in coal, stone and lead mines in the 1580s in Denbighshire and Flintshire.

Our association with London property began over 340 years ago and through the development of fashionable Mayfair in the 1720s, elegant Belgravia a hundred years later, and international expansion from the 1950s onwards, the Grosvenor name has since been associated with world-class real estate. Farming has taken place on the Estate since the 1400s. This tradition is continued today through Grosvenor Farms – one of the UK’s leading dairy and arable farms and, more broadly since 2012, thanks to Wheatsheaf Group’s investments in the food and agri sector.

Good stewardship remains at the heart of our activities, none the more so than within our rural estates where our activities continue to be guided by an unrelenting commitment to respect and manage the environment for the long-term benefit of future generations.

We believe in learning from the past and using the perspective of this history to shape and improve the future.

Common to our activities through the centuries are high standards and an emphasis on ambition and innovation which we are committed to keeping alive today and in the future.

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