Boards of Directors

Grosvenor and Wheatsheaf each has a Board of Directors who, within the context of the overarching policies of the Grosvenor Estate, make all decisions about the strategy, direction and management of their business.

Grosvenor Group

Grosvenor Group Limited is the company established by the Grosvenor Trusts as the holding vehicle for the majority of the Grosvenor Estate’s urban real estate interests. In turn, the Grosvenor Group Board devolves decision making regarding local investment and other specified matters to the businesses within the group (its operating companies and its indirect investments portfolio).

The Grosvenor Group has a Board of seven members. The five Non-Executive Directors include the Executive Trustee and two other Trustees, one of whom is the Chairman. The two Executive Directors are the Group Chief Executive and Group Finance Director.

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Wheatsheaf Group

Wheatsheaf Group Limited was established in 2012 by the Grosvenor Trusts to respond to the enormous changes that will be brought about by a rapidly changing world population, more affluent communities and their demands for food, energy and water in an increasingly resource constrained environment. Wheatsheaf develops and invests in businesses that will contribute solutions towards meeting this global challenge.

Included in the group is a number of businesses that have operated within the Grosvenor Estate for many years.

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