Nicholas Dobbs

Rural Estates’ Director

Nicholas Dobbs is the Rural Estates’ Director of the Grosvenor Estate and has responsibility for the stewardship of the Family Office’s (FO) four rural estates at Abbeystead, Eaton and Halkyn, Reay Forest and La Garganta in Spain.

He chairs the Rural Estates’ Committees – which provide focused support to each estate – and sits on the Family Office Board, which brings together the heads of department from across FO and develops policies and proposals for consideration by the Trustees.

The Grosvenor Estate aims to have lasting commercial and social benefit in the communities in which we operate and as such, Nicholas also leads the Grosvenor Estate’s business presence in Chester and the wider region and plays an important role in external bodies.

Nicholas joined the Grosvenor Estate in October 2017 from Cazenove Capital Management where he worked from 1997 and was a Director from January 2010.

He graduated from Reading University with a degree in Rural Land Management and has retained an active interest in the countryside and in rural land management stemming from a childhood spent on his family's farm in Northern Ireland.

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