La Garganta

La Garganta is in the Castilla La Mancha region of central southern Spain. It became part of the Grosvenor Estate in 2001, since which time it has been awarded the Belleuropa Award for excellence in environmental management.

The landscape is hilly, ranging in altitude from 585 metres to 1,266 metres above sea level and with a richly diverse flora and fauna. La Garganta, meaning throat, because of its shape, is one of only very few places in Europe where a number of rare species are to be found, including the Lynx and the Spanish Imperial Eagle.

The principal economic activity is agriculture with groves of around 19,000 Olive trees, some 3,700 acres under cereal production, and 34,000 Evergreen Oak trees, the bark of which is harvested commercially to make cork.


Olive trees


Evergreen Oak trees