We are energy efficient and embrace sustainable fuel sources:

All of our energy is supplied from renewable sources.

Waste wood from our forestry management is chipped and used as biomass fuel - a renewable source of heat and hot water. Biomass boilers were introduced across rural estates from 2017 and power more than 50 properties. Following its introduction we have estimated our biomass powered energy production to be the equivalent savings of over 681,620 litres of domestic heating oil, a fossil fuel.

The Reay Forest Estate in Scotland boasts innovative environmental credentials which stretch back over 100 years. Making the most of a challenging environment, individual wind generators were attached to the houses of the estate in the early 1900s and the first hydroelectric scheme was introduced in the 1920s. More recently, in 2013, we created a new scheme in partnership with a utility company which generates an amount of energy which is in excess of the estate's needs and goes to increase capacity on the national grid.