We are improving understanding of the countryside for all:

We passionately believe in the importance for all people - but especially children and those from more urban areas, to have a connection with the countryside, the environment, and where our food comes from.

To help enable this, we have a longstanding relationship with national education charity the Country Trust, which recently appointed the Duke of Westminster as its president.

The organisation brings food, farming and the countryside to life for thousands of children each year, focussing on those living in areas of deprivation, from low income families, young carers and newly arrived refugees. The Grosvenor family has been welcoming children on Country Trust visits to the Eaton Estate, Grosvenor Farms, and Abbeystead Estate, for more than 25 years. The charity has also benefited greatly from long standing support from the Westminster Foundation which manages the philanthropic activities of the Grosvenor family.

In addition, hundreds of children from schools in Chester have taken part in the Teaching Trees programme on the Eaton Estate which delivers curriculum linked lessons providing pupils with the opportunity to learn about trees and the environment. Teaching Trees was introduced by the Eaton estate to encourage school children to learn about the importance of trees, woodlands' value for wildlife, timber and for enjoyment. The estate provides the Teaching Tree sessions to schools for free on woodlands on the rural estates. The classes follow the Royal Forestry Society's successful educational programme and are being delivered by the Cheshire Wildlife Trust.