We are investing in rural connectivity for our communities:

We recognise the importance of connectivity in remote rural communities and the benefit it can bring to socio-economic and environmental wellbeing. On the Abbeystead Estate and surrounding areas, prior to 2014 there was no broadband or mobile phone connection, meaning businesses struggled to complete essential tasks and school children had to travel to several miles to Lancaster to do their homework. As part of a community enterprise, we laid 8km of fibre optic cable to deliver a reliable service with some of the fastest broadband speeds available to more than 3,000 homes at Abbeystead and the surrounding parishes. 

We are working towards providing a similarly fast and reliable internet service across our other UK rural estates. At Eaton, we are in discussions with a commercial partner to develop a 4G phone and broadband service which will be available across the estate and the surrounding area.

In the Reay Forest we are introducing a fast and reliable broadband service for our communities with the opportunity to provide a better service for others in the area in the future.