We manage our woodlands sustainably and to improve the environment:

Trees and the soils they grow in are a valuable carbon store and remove atmospheric carbon as they grow. They also help reduce urban heat effects and mitigate river and surface water flooding.

All of our forestry is managed sustainably, with more than 128,000 trees planted last year.

Across our three UK rural estates we manage a total of 2,476 hectares of woodland. This woodland holds the equivalent of about 273,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide and stores approximately 17,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year*. 

Our foresters are responsible for the ongoing care and management of these woodlands and trees, as well as the production of high-quality timber, woodchip and firewood logs.

*based on the average age of trees, species mix, and their growth rate, on our rural estates, and using a Forestry Commission formula for woodland carbon capture.