La Garganta is in the Castilla La Mancha region of central southern Spain.

It became part of the Grosvenor Estate in 2001. Since then it has been awarded the Belleuropa Award which honours members of the Wildlife Estates (a network of estates accredited for their conservation, habitat and wildlife management) for exceptional work in maintaining, protecting and improving the biodiversity of its land.

It is a commercial agricultural estate producing cork, olives and cereals and is recognised for the sustainable management and conservation of its unique environment.

The estate has an incredibly rich biodiversity which includes rare plant species, and an important population of Iberian lynx, as well as wolves, vultures, eagles (three species including Bonelli, golden and imperial), wildcats, storks, deer and boar.

Through the activities of more than 100 people, mainly employed from the local community, the estate has delivered important forestry work, created new habitats through swamps and ponds to support biodiversity, and worked to restore its natural conditions.